Teaching Tolerance (a project of the Southern Poverty Law Center) has a large collection of lesson plans for social justice topics. Here are some picks of lessons about issues of poverty

Issues of PovertyA series of 4 lessons about the economic, social and political roots of poverty, for grades 6-12:

  1. What is Poverty?
  2. Poverty and Unemployment: Exploring the Connections.
  3. The Cycle of Poverty.
  4. Race and Poverty.

Visualizing Equity. A lesson about the funding gap in public schools, for grades 9-12.

Wants Versus Needs. Lessons explore having/not having and the connected emotions, media messages that promote materialism, and non-material riches, for grades K-2 and 3-5.

Making Cents of Privilege. A lesson about the value of money, for grades 3-5.

That’s Not Fair! Lesson explores the effects of unequal resources on student achievement, adaptable for any grade level.

Raising Inequity Lesson explores the daily costs of education, adaptable for any grade level. Based on informational article of the same title.

Other Lesson-Planning Resources

Poverty USA  Grades K-5    Grades 6-12

Family Consumer Sciences  Living in Poverty Lessons and Activities.

Teach UNICEF  Lesson plans, activities, articles, videos.

Edutopia  Five-Minute Film Festival: Teaching Kids About Global Poverty

The New York Times Learning Network: Economic Inequality in America: Developing a New War on Poverty

The Homeless Hub Units for Primary   Units for Secondary

BrainPOP Educators  The Ayiti Game and The Effects of Poverty Lesson Plan

Heifer Project International  Read to Feed Program