Low SES Students Outside of the U.S.

Lack of resources in low socioeconomic status communities is not limited to the United States. In Bangalore India in 2009, over 70,000 students lived in poverty, and 200 million students between ages 4 and 14 should have been attending schools but could not or did not have access to them (Bose, 2009). Shukla Bose described the lack of resources in Bangalore in a Ted Talk entitled “Teaching one Child at a Time.” Bose and her team opened the Parikrma Schools in Bangalore.  They opened four primary schools and one junior college.  Instructors taught basic reading, math, language, and other vocational skills. The impact of the Parikrma Schools extended beyond the students.  After attending the schools, students were able to teach their parents how to read and write their languages, and an additional school was developed after school hours to provide educational opportunities for parents.  There were also cooking, nutrition, and hygiene programs to help parents care for their children at home, and interschool athletic competitions exposed students to various sports.  Students qualified for the Talent Identification Program at Duke University, and interacted with other students from a variety of nationalities and backgrounds.  The Parikrma Schools provided wonderful opportunities for students and families in Bangalore.

Ayehsa Mian worked with a team to create the Jinnah School in Pakistan. Mian argued that education is a privilege in Pakistan, and not easily accessible for low income families.  When it is accessible, the schools and programs are of poor quality.  She wanted to provide access to education for everyone, and encourage students to commit to a love of learning and dream of their own unlimited potential (Mian, 2014). Like the Parikrma Schools, the Jinnah School exposed low income students to multiple opportunities, and enabled them to experience life outside of their communities. Learn more about the Jinnah and Parikrma Schools at the links below.



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Mian, A. [Harvard Extension School]. (2014, May 24). Low income should not mean low quality education – An educational experiment in Pakistan. [Video file]. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9yH-dJJQ2w


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